ActiveX Error 429 - "You do not have an appropriate license..."

ERROR: Runtime Error 429: You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality.

CAUSE #1: You have not activated your design time license for the ActiveX

SOLUTION: Click Start | All Programs | INGEAR ActiveX Controls | INGEAR Allen-Bradley Studio 6.0 | License Manager to register and activate.


CAUSE #2: You are using a runtime only version of the ActiveX in Visual Studio


a). If you have the optional USB key insert the dongle into any open USB Port

b). Install and activate a design license


CAUSE #3: You upgraded a Visual Studio .NET project from an older version of the ActiveX, but the AxInterop.ABCTLLib.dll and Interop.ABCTLLib.dll wrapper dll's still reference the older versions created by Visual Studio.

SOLUTION: Replace the AxInterop.ABCTLLib.dll and Interop.ABCTLLib.dll with ones matching the version of the ActiveX.


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