INGEAR.NET - Invalid License Exception

PROBLEM: You receive an "Invalid License Exception" when running your program from Visual Studio.

CAUSE:  A license exception is thrown when it detects the runtime only license is begin hosted in development or debugging environment such as Visual Studio IDE.  

This exception is by design.


  1. If you have the optional USB Dongle, simply insert the dongle in to an available USB port.  The dongle will override the runtime only license file and allow you to run from Visual Studio.  When finished, remove the dongle from the USB port to return to runtime only operation.
  2. Locate the *.lic file in the \bin\debug or \bin\release folder in your project's solution and delete or rename (*.lix).  You will need a valid design license installed to run in Visual Studio.  See your INGEAR.NET Help File to transfer/move a license.




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